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E-mail Acceptable Use Policy
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E-Mails Sent to a HCI Data Mail Server

This includes e-mails sent to HCI Data's E-mail server for forwarding onto other servers.

HCI Data Ltd reserves the right to block any e-mail sent to HCI Data Ltd or its clients which may be unsolicited. We (HCI Data Ltd) further reserve the right to block any e-mail that may contain a virus. Furthermore, we may block all e-mail from a specific IP address that has been seen to be a source of unsolicited e-mail or viruses or is relaying such e-mails. The block will be released when we are satisfied that the source or relay has stopped sending such e-mail and is not likely to restart.

Where HCI Data Ltd forwards e-mails to third party servers and the third party server is not accepting the forwarded e-mails, HCI Data Ltd reserves the right to block, without notice, any e-mail sent to the forwarding e-mail address and the forwarding e-mail address' domain.2010-10-27 HCI Data Ltd will not forward e-mails to the following domains2016-05-25:

  • gmail.com2024-02-25
  • googlemail.com2024-02-25
  • hotmail.com
  • live.com
  • msn.com
  • outlook.com
  • yahoo.com and all other country specific yahoo domains2024-02-25

E-Mails Originating from HCI Data's Servers

These e-mails will be generated by HCI Data Ltd or one of its clients.

E-Mails from HCI Data Ltd (hcidata.com, hcidata.uk and hcidata.co.uk)

HCI Data Ltd does not send out unsolicited bulk e-mails - also known as spam. It only sends e-mails to clients, suppliers or those who have requested information from HCI Data Ltd.

Any unsolicited e-mails apparently from HCI Data Ltd are probably forgeries. These forgeries are known as Joe-Job. Joe-Job is jargon for a spam run forged to appear as though it came from an innocent party, who is then generally flooded by the bounces; or, the act of performing such a run. The original incident is described here. HCI Data has frequently been the victim of a Joe-Job forgery.

E-mail from Clients of HCI Data Ltd

HCI Data Ltd does not tolerate the sending of e-mails containing misleading information. Clients of HCI Data ("the client") who use HCI Data's servers must ensure that any e-mail conforms to ALL the following standards when sending e-mail:2010-10-27

  • Every e-mail's "From" address must be owned by the client. To be an owned address2014-03-26 the domain name must be registered in the name of the client. @hotmail, @gmail, @outlook and other similar e-mail accounts do not constitute an owned address
  • HCI Data Ltd2014-03-26
    • must be the domain name's technical and administration contact
    • must be the registrar of *.uk and *.*.uk domain names
    • must be able to control the primary and secondary name servers of the domain
  • Every e-mail's "From" address must accept any e-mail from HCI Data Ltd including any e-mails that are bounced when the original e-mail cannot be sent.
  • No message can contain avoidance techniques to get around any anti-spam software that the message may pass through before being delivered to the recipient.

HCI Data Ltd does not tolerate the sending of unsolicited bulk e-mail. Clients of HCI Data ("the client") who use HCI Data's servers must ensure that any mailing list conform to ALL the above and following standards when sending bulk e-mail:

  • Every e-mail's "From" address must accept e-mail from anyone on the mailing list.
  • Every address in the mailing list must have been positively subscribed to the mailing list by a double opt-in process2014-06-12. That is, the person who uses an e-mail address must have requested to be added to a specific mailing list - e-mail addresses harvested from address books or other e-mails do not classify as "positive subscription" The double opt-in process requires, as a minimum the following steps to be carried out in this order: 2014-06-12
    1. You ask the potential subscriber if they wish to be part of the mailing list. You may ask this on a website, in an e-mail, by written communication or verbally. If you ask them by an e-mail, you may only make one e-mail request per calendar year.
    2. You obtain the e-mail address from the subscriber who wishes to be part of the mailing list. This will be by them informing you that they wish to join your e-mail list.
    3. You send an "Opt-In" confirmation e-mail to your subscriber with details of the type of e-mails they can expect to receive and the frequency of e-mails expected (e.g. "about 20 per year"). The "Opt-In" confirmation will also request the subscriber to confirm that they still want to be part of the e-mail list. If they do not respond to this e-mail they must not be added to the e-mail list.
    4. Only when they respond positively to the "Opt-In" confirmation e-mail can they be added to your e-mail list.
  • When a user positively subscribes to a mailing list, the client that uses the mailing list must be clearly identified before the user subscribes.
  • Use of mailing lists supplied by other companies or organisations are expressly forbidden.
  • Every e-mail must carry details on how to unsubscribe and the method of unsubscribing must be an e-mail address to send the unsubscribe request to or a web URL that accepts unsubscribe requests.
  • Every unsubscribe request must be actioned within 3 working days of receipt.
  • No message can contain avoidance techniques to get around any anti-spam software that the message may pass through before being delivered to the subscriber.2006-05-26

Should any of the above standards not be met, HCI Data Ltd reserve the right to remove the e-mail facility from the client without notice.

Changes to the E-mail Acceptable Use Policy

HCI Data Ltd may change this policy without notice in order to protect resources shared by more than one client of HCI Data Ltd.

Change History

Prohibition of forwarding to Gmail and Yahoo accounts
Prohibition of forwarding to Outlook and Hotmail accounts
Clarification of the "Opt-in" process
Clarification of an "owned" e-mail address and HCI Data Ltd control of DNS
Added e-mails from clients section and e-mail forwarding clause
Added anti-spam avoidance clause

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